About Us

Fuzhou, Fuzhou City, enriching the move limited is a professional moving company, established for many years, Fuzhou was established one of the early movers. Provide moving company moving company moving, Fuzhou, Fuzhou, Fuzhou phone, moving companies in Fuzhou, Fuzhou price move, moved factory in Fuzhou, Fuzhou long distance moving, long distance moving companies, moving companies in Fuzhou in Fuzhou which is better service, we tested in the market to continue to grow for many years, has developed into a sizeable professional moving, handling, lifting companies. Fuzhou fumin moving co to meet customer demands responsibility, terminated by customer satisfaction. To provide you with quality service platform, auspicious cares about your approval, your satisfaction is our greatest support, our staff is ready to serve you.

company has a team of professional employees, undergo a rigorous professional training, master materials packaging, shirk and other skills. Professional survival to serve the development of the customer's interests in the first place. When customers move, peace of mind, rest assured, is a move, collectives, enterprises, removal of the residents. Large plant relocation as one one of the major moving companies, all kinds of vehicles, to ensure 24-hour fast, thoughtful, safe and quick service for you.