Dangerous goods moving company prohibited handling

see their workers using forklifts to move those boxes when a box. Driver out of curiosity asked Fuzhou moving company movers, delivery what's inside. Workers answered "don't know", the driver would not ask more, moved to the last may be low pressure, a box is broken, workers did not notice, when I moved out, drivers see in broken box gap, like painting signs, requirements out of the box look Miss LI disagreed. Driver asks if it is not out of the box, don't go.

our moving company driver to Fuzhou requires redundant and without saying, yes we are make money, but we're not going to move dangerous goods, if anything should happen to the road who is responsible for, plus it is not a couple of cases, but hundreds of cases. Under the driver's anger, Miss Lee also knows he was wrong, she knew that moving so much paint is dangerous, but did not think that serious.

Fuzhou moving company provides some dangerous goods companies will not receive orders, lacquers, sulfuric acid, gasoline, some countries sign the class of dangerous goods handling, this reminder: members of such an incident, according to state regulations, transport. Thank you!!!