I was tired and overworked, I moved dream

       to his life, because he was still young, the pursuit of all the good he fantasizes about how successful their careers would be, I fantasize about moving to a bigger place, fantasize about how good things, I embrace ideals, has been struggling.

several years later, and I still have no results! So I added a moving companies in Fuzhou. I move around every day, I am alone in the fight, a car, a few workers, we get the officer.  Because in my eyes only struggle to get ahead.

    most of the time, we are in the process of moving, looked at customer home houses specializing in high-end, advanced equipment, only rented a moppet himself, himself was always bad, it really is a tragedy.

I owned cement in the construction site, a moving company in Fuzhou did Porter, but I don't know when I can settle down, when I am able to have a home, when I'm back to see my parents and let them know that I attended!

moving in Fuzhou in the past few years, I have moved house, also saw a lot of homeless people like me often move people, although a lot of times we were just passing through, who did not know who, but we are one because we are struggling. We need to give ourselves more encouragement, we are fighting for life, we want to support our body, most of the time we are in the fight, is on the move. Because I know that our future is promising.