Live in tall moving is not easy

a photo on Twitter recently caught the attention of people, it tube owners with cranes hanging from a balcony the furniture into the House, what's going on? The owners bought the two large furniture, lifts can't fit, floors were too high, but chose this approach. Finally after a reporter's investigation, live in a high-rise moving is not easy.

floor cover higher and higher, elevators and not with the height of floors is large, this could be easily broken top to move residents. Reporters consulted the local moving companies in Fuzhou, Fuzhou moving company worker said: "yesterday I had met a household, an elevator, a small elevator, first loopback plug the fridge does not go in, finally find a way to shoehorn into it." Fuzhou moving company workers told reporters that senior move upstairs in the past, though tired, but will not encounter any problems. Can now have bigger living space, furniture and more, but the elevators haven't changed, and big furniture small elevator, you have to struggle.

moving company worker also told reporters that the elevator carrying 13 people, often ten people is limited, and many things can't fit, if not applicable a lift and floor to charge 10 Yuan fee for floor. Moving a home is not easy, spend money on furniture, appliances, and fit into the elevator will have to pay a handling fee. It seems that the furniture before you buy, you also have to consider the size of elevators and doors, or else this move really crane, please help