Moving in Fuzhou is no simple matter

        now the pace of life is getting faster, especially in large cities like Beijing, is the first time, so moving is no simple matter in Fuzhou Ah, do you want a quick and easy way to move? Just look at some of the programmes we provide below, then you will be very relaxed, appears to actually move isn't so difficult is not it.

dispose of unnecessary items before the moving pilgrimage to insure valuable items to move assessment * choosing a good moving companies and moving company signed the contract packaging

a.-ready packaging article

b. establish Pack order form

c. special processing of precious and fragile items

d. put all the boxes are marked on a label, fragile valuable items must be specified during transportation

1. indicate which boxes or items to people moving company to be focused on the protection of

2. afraid of pressure or fragile items should be placed on the top, and finally loading the first discharge

3. during transportation and inventory control at any time, to see if there is missing

4. Beware of accidental injury

after moved 1. square accounts with a moving company must first get through not only inventory items after a methodical recommendations and surely you steps to move a great deal of clarity, so that not only saves you a lot of time and reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble

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