Select a moving company in Fuzhou must sign a contract

        Fuzhou if moving needs of consumers, need to find moving companies, make sure that you and the moving company said the deal left physical evidence left, for example, said 151 vehicles made an appointment, if you have recorded at this time, the credentials can be used as a dispute, can sign contracts if necessary. Select a moving company in Fuzhou must sign the contract.

moving companies in Fuzhou when consumers moved, do not do not sign, sign means to fulfill this contract, Fuzhou move unless the consumer can prove that he is in a negative sign in the context of their legitimate rights and interests to move, or else this is a legitimate category.

General and the dispute to court, labour judges asking z,  complete moving company looking at the evidence which, under normal circumstances, if consumers lack of evidence, while Fuzhou moving companies take out contracts entered into with consumers of proof, judges of the moving companies in Fuzhou under certain conditions, consumers will be asked to sign. However, if it is in the minds of consumers under normal conditions, threatened in part and there is no way to do the appropriate burden of proof may ruled that Fuzhou moving company is moving this category of beneficiary is reasonable.

therefore, the Fuzhou all moving away from one, the moving company must be seen cheering stick signed credit agency, don't accidentally sign.